The Difference in Solar Lighting Express Skylight Replacement is Clear

Fast, reliable service to swap out your old, dirty, or cracked skylights with beautiful, new ones.


When Your Skylight is Ready for Replacement

Our Certified Installation Consultants can replace old and damaged skylights that have:

  • Cracks
  • Leaks & moisture
  • Fog build-up

Get the Right Skylight. Right Now.

When you need to replace your skylights, you don’t want to wait. And you don’t want anything to slow the process down. So at Solatube Home, we’ve put together a skylight installation team that’s ready to take your call and can take care of your issues right away with the right skylight solution, no matter the size, shape or configuration.

Fast and Easy Process

With Solatube Home, replacing your old skylight is simpler than ever…

You call.
We answer.

We have a team of skylight experts standing by to take your call.

We measure.
You choose.

Our Certified Installation Consultant visits your home to evaluate your existing skylight and help you choose your replacement skylight.

We install your
new skylight.

As soon as your order is ready, we come to your home, remove your old skylight, and install your brand new one. Boom. Done.

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