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If you're not getting the beautiful daylight you're used to due to cracks, moisture, and fog build-up from a damaged skylight, we can help! Call us today for fast, free and immediate in-home consultation. Our Certified Installation Consultants can help fix that cracked, leaking skylight with virtually any size, shape or configuration.

Consultations made easy.

Once you contact one of our in-house sales representatives, we will work with you to understand your skylight issue and set an appointment for a free in-home consultation. This consultation allows our Certified Installation Consultant to determine exactly what is wrong with your current skylight, as well as provide additional information about potential improvements or upgrades that can be made during the replacement process. Today's modern skylight offers many energy-efficent options you may not be aware of!

  • Free in-home consultation
  • Friendly, professional 5 star service
  • Immediate response time

Custom measurement & design.

During our initial consultation we will take all measurements necessary so we can have a skylight that fits perfectly and is made according to your desire. We will then have your skylight built to these custom specifications

Installation done right.

Our team will schedule a follow-up time to deliver and install your replacement skylight. You won't believe the difference this creates - not only in the repair itself, but also in how much more light typically brightens your home. Our Certified Installation Consultants will walk through the changes with you and make sure you are completely satisfied.


Warranty we can get behind.

All of our skylights come with a lifetime warranty. We are a Bay Area based company with over 20 years of experience. We want to make sure that any work we perform in your home delivers the results you expect and we treat every customer as a lifetime partner. We hope we can earn your business!


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